Presenter information

Information regarding presentations will be posted soon.

Information regarding the submission

We invite all participants of ESCS 2022 to submit an abstract for oral and/or poster presentations, opening on Monday 13th of June 00:01 (CEST/GTM+2/UTC+2). The deadline for submitting an abstract for oral and poster presentations is Sunday 26th of June 2022 at 23:59 (CEST/GTM+2/UTC+2). All abstracts will be evaluated based on scientific relevance.

Submit your abstract here

Submission guidelines:

The abstract should not exceed 250 words (1300 characters) and must be structured into three separate sections:

  1. Background: the context and purpose of the study;
  2. Description: the main findings;
  3. Conclusions: brief summary and potential implications.

Please do not use abbreviations or references in the abstract.

Main take-aways and keywords:

Help us to better understand and value your submitted work with 1 to 4 short but substantial main take-aways, and 3-10 keywords.


  • Software or Data Engineering. Application and web development, data management: organisation, categorisation, integration, workflows of data, knowledge discovery.
  • Omics. Multi-omics or single-omics data analysis, spatial-omics, genome, epigenome, transcriptome, proteome, translatome, metabolome, microbiome, virome, exposome, etc.  
  • Sequence analysis. Sequence analysis, motifs discovery, assembly, alignment, evolution, phylogeny, 3D conformation, isoforms study, post-traductional changes.
  • Genes / Proteins. Gene/s or protein/s characterisation studies, expression, assemblies, function, regulation, interactions, transcription, translation, structure, mutations, geno-phenotype.
  • Systems. Systems biology, pathways, networks, dynamics, signalling, multi-scale modelling.
  • Ecosystem, Animal and Plant Sciences, Climate Crisis and Health. BioInformatics applied to the natural media, ecology, animal or plant sciences, study of the air quality, heat stress, climate change, sustainability, infectious diseases, emergent pathogens, resistant bacteria, persistent covid, 2030 Agenda.
  • Divulgation. Curiosities of Bioinformatics in general. Examples from the paper “Explain Bioinformatics to Your Grandmother!” or from the story of the method that Francisco Mojica used to discover CRISPR. Also side projects can be accepted like teaching bioinformatics to high schools, or using unconventional devices to achieve research goals.


Contact for further information.